The Integrated Center for Oncology in Western France “Institut de Cancérologie de l’Ouest” (ICO) announces IQVIA collaboration and joins the Oncology Data Network

A specialist cancer treatment centre, ICO – Integrated Centre for Oncology in Western France, has announced a collaboration with IQVIA as part of its ‘Establishment Project 2018-2022’. ICO has two sites, the first in Nantes/St Herblain and the second in Angers, which are now members of the Oncology Data Network, and represent nearly 45,000 cancer patients per year.

ICO has stated that it has joined IQVIA’s Oncology Data Network as part of its commitment to harness the power of real world evidence. One of the aims of the collaboration is for IQVIA to help ICO accelerate structuring of the architecture of their information system and health data warehouses, to facilitate their analysis. Another ICO commitment is putting patients at the centre of care and an important feature of the Oncology Data Network was its authorisation by the French information governance authority, Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL).

In addition to joining the Oncology Data Network, ICO has also signed an agreement with IQVIA’s Oncology Evidence Network team. The Oncology Evidence Network is a research network of Europe’s larger cancer hospitals that work with IQVIA’s on-site teams, delivering complex real world studies. By joining the Oncology Data Network and the Oncology Evidence Network, ICO has indicated that this continues to affirm its model as an integrated centre for cancer research as well as its ambition to integrate research into the daily care of patients.

ICO is a member of Unicancer, a group of 18 private, non-profit, French Comprehensive Cancer Centres. Unicancer is the only French hospital federation specialized in cancer care and is also the leading academic promoter of oncology clinical trials in Europe.

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