Oncology Data Network to support new UK National Cancer Health Data Research Hub

IQVIA’s Oncology Data Network has been selected to support DATA-CAN, the new national Health Data Research Hub for Cancer in the UK. DATA-CAN aims to improve outcomes for NHS cancer patients by transforming the collection, accessibility and analysis of health data, whilst protecting patient privacy and keeping data safe. The Oncology Data Network is a key partner in the DATA-CAN collaboration and will provide real-time clinical analytics and clinical trial matching services.

Tim Sheppard, Senior Vice President IQVIA commented: “Connecting these datasets through the Oncology Data Network will enable rapid identification of patients suitable for a cancer trial and frontline cancer care quality analytics, including real-time insights on how treatments are performing in the real-world.”

DATA-CAN is one of seven formal collaborations between the NHS, academic organisations and industry partners, working together to facilitate and enable the curation of, and access to, health data.

For more information, please read the announcement on IQVIA.com