• Connecting the European Cancer Community

    ‘To gain real insights into the best way to treat a small niche group, we need to pool data from all over Europe.’
    Prof. Marc Peeters, University of Antwerp, Belgium and Member of the Clinical & Analytical Steering Committee

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  • Paving the way for improved cancer care

    ‘Initiatives such as this help to improve the quality of care in cancer treatment.’
    Dr Enrique Grande, Head of the Medical Oncology Service at MD Anderson Cancer Centre Madrid, Spain and Member of the Spain Country Advisory Group

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  • Accelerating clinical research

    ‘Insights gained from the ODN could be as transformative as a revolutionary new drug.’
    Prof. David Kerr, University of Oxford, England and Chair of the Clinical & Analytical Steering Committee

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  • Shining a light on Europe’s anti-cancer medicines use

    ‘For people with cancer, the benefits of this European data network could ultimately be tremendous.’
    Pete Wheatstone, Use My Data and patient representative, UK Country Advisory Group

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Join our pioneering data sharing network for European cancer treatment centres.


Collaborate with centres in the Network, using real-world data in near real-time.

Collectively Benefit

Work together to inform quality, innovation and value in cancer care.

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